What do you guys think of my coloured pastels? :O


jams for when school has just begun and you’re really not feelin’ it




Sorry for how late this. I procrastinated really badly *shameful face*

This post is for just-tonie and theaccidentwill who both requested it. They should be more how to annotate posts on their way. 

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This is absolutely incredible! My own annotations are so erratic—I wish I had had this post late in high school or early in college. 

August 20th 2013


ppl who think hans was the first disney case of a secretly evil handsome lover clearly don’t remember how paolo betrayed lizzie mcguire

Harry with little Cameron  | Nashville 19.08

Boston, MA. August 8, 2014

The Disney Renaissance + sceneries


Spider-zayn, spider-zayn, does whatever a spider-zayn does. 8.9.14